Deathcap: 3lb Combat Robot

The most adorable 3lb vertical drum spinner.

Last updated: 9/19/15


Deathcap (formerly named Dominant Mode) was my first personal combat robot ever. The design was based off some scrap parts from Jamison Go’s Dominant Mode, and is possibly one of the densest beetleweights out there! Deathcap’s drive has intermediate wheel supports isolated from the outer frame rails to minimize damage to the drive train when taking hits. The armor is hardened and tempered 0.035″ sloped spring steel to deflect horizontal spinners. Don’t be deceived by Deathcap’s small and cute exterior, because those hardened tool steel teeth can do a ton of damage and throw you into the air!

Weapon: Aluminum hex drum with 1/8″ S7 tool steel blades
Materials: Polycarbonate, 6061, 1075, S7, SBR rubber, delrin
Batteries: 4s1p 950mAh Lithium Polymer Pack
Drive Motors: 2x Kitbot 1000 RPM Gearmotors
Weapon Motor: NTM Prop Drive 28-36 1000KV / 400W Brushless Motor
Drive Controller: Vex Robotics Motor Controller 29
Weapon Controller: Turnigy Plush 40A Brushless ESC
Communication: HK with 2.4Ghz Receiver 6Ch V2
Weapon Speed: 10,000 RPM

To read more detailed accounts of builds and competitions, here are all posts tagged Deathcap and Dominant Mode.

Full CAD
Full CAD
Intermediate wheel shaft supports
Intermediate wheel shaft supports
Assembled hex drum
Hardened and tempered 1075 side armor
Hardened and tempered 1075 side armor
Waterjet frame parts
Waterjet frame parts

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