Destroying Angel: 30lb Combat Robot

Destroying Angel is named after one of the world’s most deadly poisonous mushrooms. Attempts to consume this bot could result in acute robotic toxicity and deactivation.


Last updated: 9/15/15

Destroying Angel is a “sportsman” class 30 lb combat robot designed initially for DragonCon’s Robot Battles 2015 by HaLuCyNation (Hanna Lin, Lucy Du, Cynthia Lu). While the primary weapon of Destroying Angel is a speedy flipper/lifter arm with barbs, the whole robot can also double as a wedge due to its extremely low profile.

Weapon: Flipper/lifter arm with barbs
Materials: Polycarbonate, 6061, 12L14, 1566, Nylon
Batteries: 7s1p 4400mAh Lithium Polymer Pack
Drive Motors: 2x E0 Designs “DeWut” Motor Kits (DeWalt Drill Motors)
Weapon Motor: E0 Designs “DeWut” Motor Kit (DeWalt Drill Motor)
Drive Controller: E0 Designs RageBridge v2
Weapon Controller: BotBitz 85A ESC
Communication: HK with 2.4Ghz Receiver 6Ch V2
hex insert_print path
MarkForged 3D printer routed path of drive wheel hubs
Waterjet back (name) plate
Waterjet back (name) plate
Waterjet drive and arm sprockets
Waterjet drive and arm sprockets
Drive shafts and custom hex
Drive shafts and custom hex “bushings”
Right drive and outrigger



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